Every Friday Night: 6-8pm

For Students K-12

3 Games / $6.00 including shoes


Hot Dogs, French Fries
Sodas, Ice Cream,
Candy Bars and
Free Game of Pool

Little Kids Bumper Ball Bowling

In bowling, there's nothing more frustrating than trying your hardest and throwing the ball right into the gutter. Especially for the new little bowlers. How about NO GUTTERBALLS??

Kids love the excitement of keeping the ball on the lane and bowling just like Mom and Dad. It helps build a child's confidence, keeps them interested in bowling without the frustration of the dreaded gutter ball.

Bowling is fun for the whole family including the real little ones and with a little assistance from Bumper Bowling everyone is sure to have a great time. Rails are positioned on each side of the lane to prevent the ball from entering the gutter. Parents may bowl on the same lane with their children when the Bumpers are up.

We We have 8 lanes equipped with a pull up Bumper system. We offer 6 to 8 pound balls drilled to fit the children's' hands. We have shoes for the children starting at size 8.

Bumper lanes are available Weekdays before 6:00pm, Wednesdays after 1:00pm, at no additional charge and are provided on a first come first serve basis. The weekend availability may be limited by birthday party reservations and maybe limited to the time and rates outline for bumpers only! The Bumpers may also be used in some Senior Citizen groups./p>

Teen Bowling and Entertainment

This isn't your grandfather's bowling alley - it's a cool place to hang out!

Bowling in America has become one of the favorite pastimes for High School kids. It's hot! It's not just about bowling - it's about socializing with your friends, meeting new people and having a good time. Cliff Lanes provides an alternative form of entertainment to all ages.

We're putting socializing into a new setting - and you should check it out! There are video games, black light glow-ball games, billiards, music, and a great food served until 10pm. Think about having your next birthday party at Cliff Lanes - we'll help you make it the most memorable party you've ever had with a themed bowling party.

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