Earn Scholarships

More than $6 million in scholarship money is offered each season by bowling associations and councils, certified tournaments and proprietors throughout the United States.
National Bowling Scholarships

Cliff Lanes sanctioned leagues also provide private college scholarship money to Youth League Bowlers. Please inquire about how you can earn money for your college education at Cliff Lanes! 

Kegler's Cash – League bowlers who participate in the Kegler's Cash program can play for $0.25 to $5.00 per game, and have the opportunity to win up to $150.00 instantly. Although averages play a role in winning, luck is more important than a high average. A couple of examples are:

• A bowler with an average of 140 or less must bowl any mark (strike or spare) in frames 3, 6 and 9 to win FIVE times the amount played. If that person played $1.00 per game and won in the first game only, they would win $5.00 – INSTANTLY!

• A bowler with an average of 221 – 235 must bowl any mark in frame 1, then must bowl strikes in frames 3,4,6,7,9 and 10 to win TEN times the amount played. If that person played $5.00 per game and won all three games, they would win $150.00 INSTANTLY!

Cliff Lanes keeps 55% of all money collected from Kegler's Cash. This money is used to support our local youth through the Youth Summer Bowling program, where youth get free bowling and dinner for four weeks in the summer. Proceeds also benefit youth through the scholarship program administered by the Wet Mountain Valley Rotary Club.

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